India's milk production seen exceeding 133 million tonnes in 2012-13

India, the largest producer of milk in the world, is set to produce over 133 million tones of milk this year amidst a steady rise in the population of live stock.

India continues to be the largest producer of milk in the world with estimated milk production of 127.9 million tones in 2011-12. This is likely to reach 133.7 million tonnes this year.

Per capita availability of milk at national level has increased from 260 gram per day in 2007-08 to 290 gram per day in 2011-12.

In 1986-87 – 25 years back – India produced just 46.7 million tones of milk despite having the largest number of livestock.

Production of various animal products in the country has shown a steady increase over the years. Not only milk but also meat and eggs have seen significant rise in production, leading to better availability of these highly nutritious foods, government data show.

Animals are important for the economy from employment and income-security points of view as well. In India, farmers of marginal, small and semi-medium operational holdings (area less than 4 ha) own 87.7 per cent of the livestock. It has been found that small and marginal farmers with livestock are better able to withstand the impact of drought.