Punjab''s organic cotton looking at German markets

Mumbai: Organic cotton from Punjab may find a market in Europe, especially Germany, as there is a great demand for the product there, state finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal said.

Punjab started the project for growing organic cotton in Abohar as it was found to be of great demand in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, Badal told a business meet of ambassadors and commercial counsellors of Arab and African countries organised by Assocham in Chandigarh.

The world over, there is a new craze for natural products. For the past five years, the fashion capitals of the world have been hosting events, exhibitions and competitions to promote eco-friendly fashion, including this year''s Fashion Is In My Nature trade show in Paris, Is Green the New Black? campaign in London, and the green-themed `Fashion Week'' in Brazil.

Bags from unbleached cotton and jeans made of organic fabric from Peru and Turkey and made in worker- and environmentally-friendly factories in Africa are the new trend in fashion world.

Punjab is trying to cash in on this new craze, he said, adding agriculture is the backbone of Punjab''s economy and the government is making high investments in the agriculture sector.

"We are on the threshold of adding value to our agriculture and are going for fruit and vegetable processing in a big way. Textile and food parks are being set up at different places while two juicing plants are coming up in Abohar and Hoshiarpur as we are promoting citrus cultivation," he said.