CBI has egg on face after cyber attack news
04 December 2010

The Central Bureau of Investigation's website was hacked by Pakistani cyber attackers on Friday. It is yet to come online.

The development is a major embarrassment for the CBI, with the cops themselves becoming victims of crime. Officials said they are working to fix the site (http://cbi.nic.in/) and put it back online.

Hackers infiltrated the root server of the National Informatics Centre (NIC), which is the root for many government websites and making pages inserted them onto Indian servers and sites.

Apart from the CBI website, the hackers also attacked college websites, non-government organisations (NGOs), Indian companies, and religious sites. Some of the sites saw the damage but a majority of them were still functional, hosting the page inserted by the hackers.

Hackers left the note saying, ''This attempt is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by 'Indian Cyber Army'. We told u before too ... we are sleeping but not dead." The note finished with the words "Pakistan Zindabad".

The home page of the CBI had a message warning the 'Indian Cyber Army' not to attack their websites. The 'Pakistani Cyber Army' has also warned that it would carry out "mass defacement" of other websites.

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CBI has egg on face after cyber attack