US Election Day: Obama draws first blood, picks up first two results

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire: Residents of two tiny hamlets in the eastern state of New Hampshire, Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, traditionally the first to vote in the US presidential elections, declared the first results on Election Day in America with Senator Barack Obama  registering handsome victories at both locations.  The results appear to be in line with national projections.

At Dixville Notch, with a voting population of 21, Sen Obama had 15 votes cast in his favour against 6 for Senator John McCain. At Hart's Location 17 votes were cast for Sen Obama, 10 for Sen McCain and two for write-in Ron Paul. Independent Ralph Nader, widely perceived as an election day spoiler for both mainstream parties, received no votes. 

Both Dixville Notch and Hart's Location have been maintaining their first-to-vote status since 1948.

At Dixville Notch, polling took place in a local hotel with votes quickly counted, announced and recorded on a poster board that proclaimed, "First in the Nation, Dixville Notch."

Though early voting has been taking place throughout the country, the two villages are the first to officially announce results on Election Day.

Hart's Location began opening its polls early in 1948, the year Harry S Truman beat Thomas Dewey, to allow railroad workers to cast their votes and report early for work.