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73 per cent Indian net users are online buyers: first Indian net users survey news
Our Corporate Bureau
06 May 2005

Mumbai: The Internet & Online Association, a not-for-profit organisation, has released its latest research on internet user's proclivity for the entertainment industry.

This research, conducted in collaboration with Cross-Tab Marketing Services, pioneers of Online Research in India. is a first of a series addressing various industries. The research was undertaken to understand the 25-million strong internet user's and above 37-million mobile users media habits and will serve as a resource for marketers for film channels and production houses.

The research assumes significance since marketer have endeavoured to cater to this growing segment of consumers. The study would help showcase the importance of integrating the internet and mobile as a vital medium in the traditional media mix to highlight new age patterns that influence the decision making process.

Commenting on the release of the research Preeti Desai, president, Internet and Online Association, said, "The Indian entertainment industry stands at over 20,000 crore and is expected to reach 45,000 crore by 2009. Film marketers already have a substantial presence online but do not promote their films online with almost negligible focus on advertising-related. film related ecommerce (online ticketing, film merchandise inclusive of audio and video VCD's and DVD's, posters and star clothes).

The research was undertaken with a view to empower this sector with actual statistics and to create a realisation amongst movie house and film channels that their prime demographic is online and thus "e" and the "m" of marketing should be an integral part of their media mix.

Desai further added, "IOAI estimates that there will be 165 million interactive users in the 20-40 years age group by 2007, an affluent demographic who cannot be ignored anymore."

Some Research Highlights

  • Age: 94 per cent of the audience lies within the 18-45 age group. A generation accustomed near to instantaneous keeping in touch i.e. via email, SMS and instant messaging. A prime demographic of moviegoers.
  • Education and profession: 78 per cent of the audience is either a graduate / postgraduate with 56 per cent of them are executives in their professional capacity representing an assured spending power.
  • Regional representation: An aberration from the perceived norm of a metro bias. Responses were evenly divided between a 51 per cent : 49 per cent metro and non metro divide
  • Technology and television: 68 per cent of the audiences have a personal computer, with 50 per cent part of a two television set household.
  • Internet familiarity: 92 per cent of the populations have been using the internet for one to five years, highlighting an online pedigree. 52 per cent access internet from home. 80 per cent are online for more than 5 hours a week with 30 per cent use the internet for more than 20 hours a week. An indication of online activity as becoming part of daily activity.
  • Internet activity: 55 per cent use the internet for chatting, a very vocal community which can be used to promote viral marketing - as they can handle "multiple conversations". Internet & mobile plays a very important role into this generation's wish for flexible communication at home, work and during down time. 58 per cent use the internet "to answer surveys" - A market researcher's dream - which has hardly been used.
  • Media consumption: Numbers are a confirmation that internet and mobile marketing should be integrated into "Integrated Media Budgets".
    • 30 per cent are online for more than 20 hours a week,
    • 34 per cent spend 5-10 hours a week watching television,
    • 32 per cent reading newspapers for 3-5 hours a week
    • Clearly showcasing that Internet is a permanent part of media consumption habits along with TV & Print.
  • Movies in Theatre: 55 per cent of an online audience watches one+ movie per month in the theatre
  • Movies in Theatre - Language Preference: A lingual bias is seen towards Hindi cinema, an aberration from the perceived norm that the internet is only used by an English speaking metro audience. 70 per cent watch Hindi cinema while 57 per cent watch English cinema.
  • Movies in Theatre - Decision to Watch Movie: 44 per cent of users believe that a films online participation influences their decision to watch movies.
  • Movies in Theatre - Reviews: 90 per cent of online users access the internet for movie information and reviews!
  • Movies in Theatre - Wallet Size: 34 per cent spend more than Rs 300 on a movie visit - An affluent audience.
  • Movies in Theatre - Advance Booking: 72 per cent of users book their tickets in advance. An internet savvy audience, a case for e-ticketing.
  • Movies in Theatre - Online Purchases: 73 per cent of users have a propensity to buy online. A 50 per cent awareness of film merchandise being sold online with 63 per cent likely to buy online. A case to promote!
  • Films on Television: 77 per cent prefer Hindi Movies, whilst 70 per cent prefer English and another 26 per cent prefer regional films.
  • Films on Television - Decision to watch which film: 50 per cent make their decision by channel surfing. An opportunity to zero in with SMS alerts. 37 per cent pre-decide which movie they would like to watch a clear case for communicating with them either via email or SMS
  • Mobile Subscriptions: 86 per cent have mobiles , an opportunity to exploit - 41 per cent postpaid & 45 per cent prepaid
  • Movies related Mobile Content: 47 per cent would pay for film related mobile content and do not mind sms contests and alerts. 70 per cent prefer ring tones, 44 per cent prefer SMS contests and SMS alerts and with 22 per cent use the mobile for surfing the internet, and one information source can reinforce the other.

IOA has been created specifically to address the issues, concerns and growth related to online media, advertising, e-commerce and wireless / mobile advertising, + challenges of the Internet economy and takes a leading role in its development.

Its activities include evaluating and recommending standards and practices, fielding research to document the effectiveness of the Internet & wireless as interactive mediums and educating the marketing & advertising industry about the use of interactive advertising & e-commerce. Membership includes companies that are actively engaged in, publishing, marketing, advertising using Internet & Wireless as interactive mediums.

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73 per cent Indian net users are online buyers: first Indian net users survey