Zakir Musa revolts after Hizbul dissociates from his threat to Hurriyat

13 May 2017

The ideological dilemma among the hard, medium and soft core Islamic separatists came into the open with Hizbul Mujahideen commander in Kashmir Zakir Musa threatened to quit over the outfit's top leadership's failure to back him when he threatened to behead leaders of  Kashmiri separatist party Hurriyat.

Hizbul Mujahideen, which banks on Kashmir's separatist elements to boost their claims in the Valley, dissociated from Musa's statement in which he had threatened to behead the Hurriyat leaders for terming the Kashmir struggle as a political movement.

Hizbul spokesman Saleem Hashmi said the statement of Musa isn't acceptable and that the outfit has nothing to do with it. "This is the personal opinion of Zakir Musa. The resistance leadership and Kashmiri people were taking the movement ahead through united efforts. In these circumstances, any provocative statement or step could prove deadly for the movement," Hashmi said.

He said that Hizbul Mujahideen is examining the statement issued by Musa and that they wouldn't hesitate to take any step in favour of the Kashmir struggle.

Musa, in a fresh video, retorted that he stood by his statement and that he has dissociated with the Hizbul Mujahideen. He, however, said that a public warning will be issued before any one is killed.

"Hizbul Mujahideen has disassociated itself from my statement so I am disassociating myself from Hizbul. Hizbul said that they have nothing to do with Zakir's statement. If Hizbul doesn't represent me then I don't represent them. Now onwards I have nothing to do with Hizbul. I am on the right path and I am not associated with anybody and we will see who stands with me," Musa said in the video statement.

Musa also said that he did not mean to chop heads of every Hurriyat leader but only those who work and support `secularism', which he considers as the antithesis of an Islamic state.

"I did not speak about a particular person or Geelani sahib but against those who are talking of freedom for a secular state. I know we will have to fight first the army which has occupied us, but our intention should be to fight for the freedom for Islam and not for the secular state."

Musa said that if militants are fighting for secularism then he will not lay down his life for that. "If we are fighting for the freedom in the name of secularism then I will not shed my blood." He also continued with his threat against moderate separatists. "I didn't talk about any particular Hurriyat leader, but against those moderates who support secular state after freedom. As I think even if we get freedom we will have to fight against those who are for secular state," he said.

Musa further added that he wants the creation of Islamic state and nothing will deter him from working towards that. "In your opinion it may be too early, but it is important to tell those people. If they support this then they can stand up against us. I don't care if anyone is with me, but Allah is with me. I stand by what I have said." He said that he has nothing against those who support the Islamic rule. "If their (Geelani and the others) intention is to enforce Shariya then I am not against them."

He said that Indian agencies cannot take advantage of his warning to the Hurriyat leaders and he will issue a public declaration before killing anyone. "People are saying that if anyone kills Hurriyat leaders the blame will come on us. But if we will have to kill anyone we will first issue a public declaration so that no Indian agency can take advantage. I am fighting for freedom for Islam only," he said.


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