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UK military intelligence experts warn of threat from Russia's deadly Armata tank

08 November 2016

Military intelligence experts in the UK have warned that the UK army was powerless to defend against Russia's new 'missile-proof' tank. According to experts, the Kremlin's new deadly Armata tank was a"sensation" that would revolutionise warfare. Worried intelligence agents have written an MoD internal briefing paper about the threat the tank posed.

The tank, which was first unveiled as a prototype in a military parade last year, offered much higher level of protection for turret crews. The tank is also faster than any  other western rival and will incorporate a radar system currently used by Russian fighter jets.

According to the five-page briefing report, it represented "the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century."

The report questioned why the government had no plans for a rival tank for at least 20 years.

Meanwhile, NATO chiefs remain worried about a US presidential  victory for Donald Trump leaving the West vulnerable to Russian aggression. 

Russia is pursuing plans to build 120 Armata tanks every year from 2018, expanding its fleet of 2,500, 35 times the size of the fleet in the British Army.

According to experts, NATO states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania could be overrun by Russian tanks within 60 hours of an invasion.

According to the report, the tank had a "reported higher muzzle velocity" gun and the possibility of an upgraded missile system.

"As a complete package, Armata certainly deserves its billing as the most revolutionary tank in a generation," the intelligence briefing paper concluded, The Telegraph reported.

"For the first time, a fully automated, digitised, unmanned turret has been incorporated into a main battle tank. And for the first time a tank crew is embedded within an armoured capsule in the hull front."

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