Israel-Gaza fallout: some Mumbai eateries boycott US products

26 July 2014

In the wake of Israel's widely condemned military operations in the Gaza Strip, Muslims in Mumbai are protesting the Israeli offensive by banning the use of many soft drinks and other products made by US conglomerates.

According to media reports, hotels in Bhendi Bazaar, which is a Muslim-dominated area, have put up a list of brands that will not be served. One such hotel is the well-known Shalimar Hotel, which has stopped selling soft-drink brands like Coke and Pepsi as well as Nestle and Kraft products.

Muslims in the area feel that the United States is not doing enough to end the Gaza conflict, hence its products have been boycotted. There are hardly any Israeli products in the Indian market.

Reports quoted a hotelier as saying that unless their economic interests are attacked, the countries concerned will not budge.

 A spokesperson for Coca Cola said that the company does not favour any country and wants to see peace in the West Asia strip, as well as elsewhere. And the companies concerned would hardly be affected unless the now purely local boycott spreads.

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