Russia delivers 72 supersonic cruise missiles to Syria news
06 December 2011

Russia has supplied two Bastion coastal missile systems to Syria, bringing to a close a $300 million arms deal inked with the Syrian government four years ago. The two batteries will include a total of 72 supersonic cruise missiles, with a  range of 300 kms.

The Yakhont supersonic cruise missileRussian sources claim the new missile system will ''enable Syria to protect its entire coast from a possible seaborne attack.''

The delivery of this medium range, shore-based, anti-ship missile system is taking place even as Western countries move to pull off another regime change in the extremely volatile region.

The Western powers have recently managed a series of UN sanctions against the ruling regime of Bashar Assad.

The Bastion battery comprises 18 mobile launchers, each carrying two 3M55E Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles and capable of striking surface targets on land and at sea at a range of 300 km, with a 200 kg warhead.

The Yakhont is launched vertically from its mobile carrier. Once airborne, the missile is pointed to the target's direction, opens its air scoop for the ramjet to kick in.

The Bastion system is a potent threat to the naval units of Western powers as well as the naval and maritime assets of Israel.

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Russia delivers 72 supersonic cruise missiles to Syria