PoK residents stage protests as jihadis gather in force news
By Rajiv Singh
16 September 2011

Islamabad: Storm clouds are gathering once again along the Line of Control (LoC) in the terrorism-prone state of Jammu & Kashmir, with reports of jihadis gathering for one large push into India emerging from inside Pakistan–Occupied-Kashmir and local residents protesting their presence. The Indian side of J&K has experienced an unusually quiet year after last year's Pakistan-inspired stone-throwing incidents.

Chechen jihadis inside J&KJ&K has also seen a very large of number of successful encounters between security forces and jihadis that have resulted in Islamist jihadi outfits experiencing large casualties, including experienced commanders.

Here in India, even as the Home Minister has gone back to educating the home audience about the dangers posed by ''Indian modules'' post-Delhi blast, prime minister Manmohan Singh has somehow found the temerity to utter the unspeakable in his administration – that jihadis are indeed gathering across the LoC in large numbers for infiltration.

Addressing an all-India conference of director generals and inspector generals of police here, Singh said "There are reports of a large number of terrorists waiting in camps across the border and attempts to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir are increasing."

Cross-border terror camps are being reactivated, the PM said, without naming Pakistan.

"We need to be ever vigilant if infiltration attempts are to be foiled and security maintained," he added.

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PoK residents stage protests as jihadis gather in force