DRDO opens 108 defence systems and subsystems for industry in indigenisation push

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has identified about 108 defence systems and subsystems for design and development by Indian Industry – an initiative that will pave way for Indian Defence industry to develop many technologies towards building up the country’s defence industrial capabilities.

A DRDO delegation on Monday met defence minister Rajnath Singh to apprise him of the list of technologies that have been identified for leasing out to the industry.
DRDO will also provide support to industries for design, development and testing of these systems on requirement basis. All the requirements of these systems by R&D establishments, armed forces, and other security agencies can be met through development contracts or production orders to suitable Indian industry. This will allow DRDO to focus on design and development of critical and advanced technologies and systems.
DRDO has been partnering with industry for realisation of its systems, including the development of major weapon systems. The Indian industry has now matured into a stage where they can develop systems on their own, according to DRDO.
Indian industry has progressed from a ‘build to print’ partner to ‘build to specification’ partner. 
The present industry base for DRDO consists of 1,800 MSMEs along with DPSUs, ordnance factories and large scale industries. DRDO has already taken major initiatives through various policies to involve Indian industry as development-cum-production partners, offering its technology to industry at nominal cost and providing free access to its patents.  
This initiative will support the fast growing Indian defence industrial ecosystem and will help the industry to contribute towards Atmanirbhar Bharat’ in a big way.        
The defence systems and subsystems open for private design, development and manufacture include:
Systems and sub systems identified for design, development and manufacture by the industry include: Mini and Micro UAVs, Mini and Micro RoVs, Un-cooled NV-IR sights for weapons (short range), Mountain Foot Bridge (Metallic), Multi Span Bridge (Metallic), Modular Bridge (Metallic), Floating Bridge (Metallic), Mines Laying and Marking Equipments, NBC Shelters, Armoured Engineering Reconnaissance Vehicle (AERV), Multipurpose Decontamination Systems (MPDS), Mobile Decontamination System (MDS), Solo Vehicle Based Transporter-cum-Tilter System, Special Purpose Transporters up to 80 tonne Payload, Loader-cum-Replenishment (LCR) Vehicles, Anti-Terrorist Vehicle (ATV), Heavy Recovery Vehicle, IR flare, Tank Transporter, Bullet Proof Vehicle, Missile Canisters, Missile Assembly Jigs, Missile Storage Containers, Marine Rocket Launcher, Single Mode LASER Source (up to 2 kW ), Blast Doors, Fire Detection  Systems, Telemedicine System, Satellite Navigation Receivers, TR Modules, Single Board Computer, Pneumatic Actuator System (up to 450 kgf), Stabilization Systems for Ground Based Applications, Display Systems, Cable Looms, Relay Units, Hardware for Fire Control Systems, Video converters, Display Processors, Navigation Radars, Blast Sensors, EMP protected Racks, PCM Documentation System, Tele command System, Transponder System, Onboard SCP for Telemetry, Onboard PCM for Telemetry, Onboard Antennae for Telemetry, High Nitrogen Steel, 2xxx, 5xxx,6xxx and 7xxx series Aluminum, Rotary Joints, Bearings High speed  (Miniature), Torpedo Tubes,  Bus Controllers for 1553, CAN, 1773, Power PC Back Planes, Umbilical Connectors, RF Cables, RF Connectors, MIL– Connectors, MIL – Relays (Electro Mechanical), MIL – Relays (Solid state), Pressure Tight and Non Pressure Tight Cable, RF power Amplifier, Bulk Up Converters, EMP Power Line Filters, EMP Data Filters, EMI/EMC Filters, EMI/EMC Gaskets. 
From 2021:
Multi Spectral Camouflage Net (MSCN), Unit Maintenance Vehicle, Unit Repair Vehicle, Image Intensified (II) Based Weapon Sights, Fabric  for Parachutes, Batteries (Ag-Zn , Li Ion, Thermal), Microwave Receivers, Hardware for Onboard Computers, Hydraulic Actuation Systems (up to 16 T), Electro Mechanical Actuators (up to 2T), Routers, Electric Power Conditioners, Germanium Blanks, Optical Blanks (VK 7, fused Silica), Solenoid valve (> 10 ms), Shelters for Radar & Communication, Antennas for Satellite Communication  Receivers, Airborne Displays, Slip Rings, Pressure Transducers, Miniature Bearings, Slewing Rings, Pressure Tight and Non Pressure Tight Connectors, Composite Materials Sea Water Pumps 40TPH & 125 TPH, Miniature Self-regulating Dual Flow JT Cooler, Solid State TTR, CTS, TAR Magnetron for OSA-AK-M, Amplidyne, Secure Customized 3G/LTE end –Points (Handsets/Dongles) for Mobile Network, Pressure Measuring Instrument for Aircraft Application, Air Data Probe for Aircraft Application, Pumps for Aircraft Application-Hydraulic, Nose Wheel Steering Manifold, Angle of Attack & Angle of Side Slip Sensors, Rotary Actuation Aggregators for Fighter  Aircraft Application, Total Air Temperature Probe, Potentiometer for Aircraft Application, Fuel System Components for Aircraft Application, Marine Desalinations for Life Rafts, Absorption Type Air Conditioning System Based on Waste Heat Recovery, 24 Gigabit Ethernet switch ,       
The defence agency has taken several initiatives to strengthen the indigenous defence ecosystem as part of its efforts to move towards achieving `Atmanirbar Bharat’.