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BAE Systems is prime industrial contractor for Saudi Arabia's Eurofighter contract news
08 December 2007

Eurofighter GmbH has said that it has signed the contract documents with shareholder BAE Systems for the supply of 72 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Eurofighter GmbH, BAE Systems will act as the prime industrial contractor on this Government-to-Government contract.


Aloysius Rauen, chief executive officer, Eurofighter GmbH, said,"This contract represents the second export order for Eurofighter Typhoon, the world''s most advanced next generation multi-/swing-role fighter aircraft. It underlines the prominent position of the programme in the global fighter aircraft market and symbolises the strength of the European aerospace industry. No other competing European or international manufacturer for a new generation fighter aircraft can present as large an order book. This order also represent one of the largest single export orders since the early 1990''s."


Including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the latest customer for the Eurofighter Typhoon, six nations have by now ordered a total of 707 Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. These include consortium nations:


- Germany 180

- Italy 121

- Spain 87

- United Kingdom 232

- Austria 15

- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 72.


To date, 137 Series Production Aircraft, including six Instrumented Production Aircraft operated by industry, have been delivered to the customer Nations: 48 Royal Air Force (UK), 37 Luftwaffe (German Air Force), 26 Italian Air Force, 18 Spanish Air Force and 2 to the Austrian Air Force.


The in-service Eurofighter Typhoon fleets have accumulated more than 28,000 flying hours since introduction into the various air forces since early 2004, while the industrial test fleet has logged over 5,500 flying hours.


30 Tranche 2 aircraft are already in final assembly. Avionics and engine testing has already started for Type Acceptance of Block 8, to be achieved in Spring 2008, with deliveries scheduled to begin in Summer next year, Eurofighter has said through a statement.


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BAE Systems is prime industrial contractor for Saudi Arabia's Eurofighter contract