Vale nears deal to sell stake in Mozambique's Moatize coal project to Japan's Mitsui
16 March 2017
Brazilian mining giant Vale to sell part of fertilizer business to Mosaic Co for $2.5 bn
20 December 2016
Brazil files $44bn suit against Vale, BHP Billiton
04 May 2016
Vale, Apollo Global to jointly bid for Anglo American's Brazilian niobium and phosphates assets
13 April 2016
Brazil freezes BHP, Vale assets over dam burst
22 December 2015
Brazil slaps $66-mn fine on BHP, Vale for dam burst
13 November 2015
Dozens missing after mudslide flattens village in Brazil
07 November 2015
Vale SA in talks to sell stake in Mozambique coal and logistics assets
06 December 2014
Vale sells stakes in non-core assets
27 December 2013
Silver Wheaton in $1.9-bn gold mining deal with Vale
07 February 2013
Judge halts Vale rail project close to most threatened tribe
02 August 2012
Vale sells Colombian thermal coal assets to Goldman Sachs unit for $407mn
26 June 2012
Vale, Posco interested in ThyssenKruppís Brazilian, US assets: report
04 June 2012
Brazilís Vale to sell Colombian coal assets to unit of Goldman Sachs for $407 mn
29 May 2012
Vale, Rio Tinto join newly formed Chinese iron ore trading platform CBMX
30 March 2012
Vale to buy out minority shareholders in Vale Fertilizantes for $1.22 billion
12 December 2011
Brazilian miner Vale to spend $6 bn in expanding Moatize coal project
25 November 2011
Jinchuan beats Valeís offer for S African copper miner Metorex
06 July 2011
Brazil's Vale unveils $10-bn investments in Canadian operations
18 November 2010
Brazilian miner Vale hikes 2011 capital investment to $25 billion
05 October 2010
Brazilís Vale may acquire Anglo Americanís fertilizer company Copebras
27 September 2010
Vale to take full control of Belvedere coal project
04 June 2010
Vale acquires 51-per cent in BSG for $2.5-billion; may scuttle Rio-Chinalco Guinea deal
30 April 2010
Brazilís Vale buys 51 per cent stake in BSG Resources for $2.5 billion
30 April 2010
Rio Tinto joins BHP Billiton, Vale in moving to quarterly iron ore contracts
10 April 2010
BHP, Vale wrangle quarterly iron ore deal with Japan, Vale gets 90-per cent hike
30 March 2010
Repeat collapse of iron talks as Vale leads Rio, BHP out of talks with China
12 March 2010
Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP seek to dump contract pricing
13 February 2010
Vale acquires Bungeís Brazilian fertilizer assets for $3.8 billion
28 January 2010
Vale in talks to acquire Bungeís Brazilian fertilizer business for $3.8 billion
16 January 2010
Brazil's Vale and S Koea's Donguk start work on $4-billion steel project
19 December 2009
Vale to invest $12.9 billion in 2010
20 October 2009
Vale signs $5.84-billion transport deal for iron ore to China
22 September 2009
Brazilian mining giant Vale to venture into steel making
29 August 2009
Brazilian companies commit to voluntary environmental curbs
26 August 2009
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