UBS Warburg
UBS, Credit Suisse hold bulk of Indian money in Switzerland
21 June 2014
Hong Kong regulator slams UBS for role in Hibor fixing
14 March 2014
UBS clears rescue loan; to buy back toxic assets
17 August 2013
Swiss bank UBS shuts down Indian branch, to surrender licence
22 June 2013
UBS top banker admits banks were “too arrogant”
10 January 2013
UBS to pay £940 million to settle Libor manipulation charges
19 December 2012
UBS nearing agreement over Libor rigging: reports
14 December 2012
UBS close to settlement over Libor charges: New York Times
03 December 2012
UBS to slash 10,000 jobs worldwide in 3 years
30 October 2012
UBS to split with own investment bank
29 October 2012
UBS behind spike in ASX blue chips last week
23 October 2012
Court told of alleged rouge trader, Adoboli's dishonest practices
15 September 2012
London court grants bail to UBS 'rogue trader' Kweku Adoboli
09 June 2012
Japanese regulator orders 30-day suspension of Citigroup, UBS operations
19 December 2011
UBS under investigation by UK, Swiss regulators following rouge trading loss
23 September 2011
Private banks hope to benefit from UBS's loss of reputation
17 September 2011
UBS in trouble again after rogue trader held for $2 bn fraud
17 September 2011
UBS takes $2 billion hit from rogue trade
15 September 2011
UBS to axe 3,500 jobs to cut costs
23 August 2011
Vodafone, Essar pick UBS for independent valuation of JV
10 February 2011
Swiss parliament approve US-UBS client data transfer deal
15 June 2010
Swiss parliament reject giving UBS client data to US
09 June 2010
UBS to report its biggest profit in three years
12 April 2010
Singapore's wealth fund GIC loses $5.1 billion in UBS investment
08 March 2010
Swiss court rules UBS broke law by releasing customer data
08 January 2010
UBS accounts in London closed 3 years back: ADAG
13 November 2009
UBS fined £8 million by UK watchdog for trading with client money
06 November 2009
Switzerland braces for flood of appeals from UBS American clients
22 September 2009
UBS study ranks Zurich and Geneva world’s most employee friendly cities
28 August 2009
Swiss government sells 9-per cent stake in UBS for $6.8 billion
21 August 2009
US breaches Switzerland’s banking citadel; UBS to reveal 4,450 names
20 August 2009
US resolves tax lawsuit with UBS
13 August 2009
US, Switzerland settle UBS tax row out of court
03 August 2009
Switzerland and US reach tentative settlement in UBS tax fraud case
01 August 2009
US delays UBS trial; eyes tax deal with Switzerland
13 July 2009
Tax row may damage UBS's reputation, say experts
11 July 2009
Switzerland to defy US; threatens to seize UBS client data
09 July 2009
UBS to raise $3.5 billion in capital through share sale
26 June 2009
UBS exits Banco Panctual in bid to strengthen bottom line
20 April 2009
UBS to axe 8,700 jobs amid expected $1.7-billion Q1 loss
15 April 2009
UBS completes $38.7 billion transfer of toxic assets to state fund
03 April 2009
US tax-fraud settlement adds $1.2 billion more to UBS losses for 2008
12 March 2009
UBS Japan places $30.9 billion bond order by mistake
25 February 2009
US justice dept hauls UBS to court to force disclosures
20 February 2009
$27-billion Q4 loss compels UBS to slash 2,200 investment-banking positions
11 February 2009
UBS to sell commodities business to Barclays
19 January 2009
UBS sells off units to JPMorgan
22 December 2008
ED probing misuse of ADAG firms' UBS accounts
17 December 2008
UBS executives to repay over $58 million of bonuses; bank admits some fraud
28 November 2008
UBS reveals US client details to Federal authorities
11 November 2008
UBS makes a turnaround, records profit in third quarter
04 November 2008
Ex UBS executive sentenced for insider trading
04 November 2008
UBS posts $329 million Q2 loss; goes in for major restructuring
12 August 2008
New York attorney general charges UBS with securities fraud
26 July 2008
UBS exits offshore business in US
18 July 2008
US wins court order for UBS bank records; steps up probe
04 July 2008
UBS under US investigation for tax evasion; senior executive detained
07 May 2008
UBS reports $11.4 billion Q1 loss, may cut over 8,000 jobs
05 May 2008
Break up UBS, says ex-CEO and big investor
07 April 2008
Germany's HSH Nordbank to sue UBS over sub prime losses
27 February 2008
RBI gives nod to Swiss Bank UBS for retail banking
18 February 2008
RBI puts UBS licence on hold, appoints finance ministry official on its panel
06 February 2008
UBS may take a $3.5 billion 2007 loss
30 January 2008
UBS to write down $10 billion, raise $11.5 billion in stake sale
10 December 2007
UBS reports a $713 million third quarter loss after subprime write-downs
31 October 2007
UBS Warburg, UTI sell 2.75% stake in ACC; LIC stake up 1%
16 April 2003
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