TTK LIG: A global scale company and not a contract manufacturer

Nearly 50 per cent of its premium condom brand Durex is shipped out of India. Further it is only TTK LIG that bids for international tenders from SSL International group.

In the domestic market, a good portion of the production goes to government of India and in the branded condom market group company TTK Healthcare Limited does the product distribution.

This doesn''t mean that TTK LIG is a glorified contract manufacturer says the man who built the company J Srinivasan, director, TTK group.

"Technology transfer from the overseas JV partner stopped long ago. Today it is our own formulations, systems and standards that are being followed. We even have the expertise to design and fabricate the entire production line."

Continuing further he says, "We can set up a 300 million condom plant at half the cost of others."

Referring to the international tenders to which only the Indian company sends its bids he says, "Our cost is cheapest and the quality is the best- the most two important parameters to win international tender business."