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TCS to create integrated tax system for Uganda news
27 June 2008

The Ugandan government has selected Tata Consultancy Services  to help Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) transform the country's tax administration.

This as part of this transformational deal requires TCS to design and install an integrated tax administration system for the country to manage all domestic taxes and duties for the Uganda Revenue Authority, including income tax, value-added tax, withholding tax and other excise duties.

The new structure is expected to help the Uganda Revenue Authority to ensure better levels of tax compliance in the country, broaden the tax base and provide efficient services to Uganda's tax payers.

The new system is an integrated solution that will help Uganda Revenue Authority to scrutinise the tax returns more effectively and improve compliance level by having a single and integrated view of the tax payer and provide increased convenience for tax payers. The Uganda Revenue Authority has received financial support from the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, The Kingdom of Belgium and government of Uganda to fund this project worth approximately $11.5 million.

TCS will develop a suite of applications for enabling and monitoring key activities of a tax administration like registration, returns, payments, assessment, tax-payer accounts, audit, compliance, objections, appeals and investigations.

TCs says the the system will incorporate global best practices, security features on a highly secure platform accessible only to select users. The system will be implemented in phases at every tax office in Uganda.

Part of the project encompasses a citizen portal, which would act as the interface of the URA with its stakeholders and would ensure 24x7 availability.

"The citizen portal would bring the much needed transparency in the tax administration by giving taxpayers online access to all the information pertaining to tax administration," says Tanmoy Chakrabarty, vice president and head, global government unit at TCS. "The taxpayers would be facilitated to submit applications online, track the application status and make e-payment through the citizen portal."

TCS will also provide a Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Document Management System (DMS) and Case Tracking System (CTS) as part of the project scope. HRMS would cover all aspects of HR function through the lifecycle of an employee. DMS is intended to create a digitized repository of all the important documents along with an efficient document storage and retrieval. CTS would create a central repository for managing information triggered by various events that can originate in the system and from other sources and channels.

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TCS to create integrated tax system for Uganda