Tata Tele moves in to enterprise mobility platform

Uttam Soni, vice president and head, enterprise business, from the Tata Teleservices Limited, talks to V Jagannathan about his company's first-mover position in the emerging enterprise mobility segment of the Indian telecom market.

Chennai: If ever you were to ask Uttam Soni, vice president and head, enterprise business, Tata Teleservices Limited, what the words mobile and mobility mean to him, pat would come the reply, " 'Mobile' refers to cell phone and short messaging service (SMS). On the other hand 'mobility' is the whole process that enables an executive to take an informed business decision away from office as if he is in the office."

It is this 'mobility' that will dominate the corporate world in the coming years. Citing a Gartner forecast, he says, 60 per cent of the work force will not come to an office to work from. But work would get done through various modes like home telework, flexi work schedules, remote branch offices, mobile and wireless.

The emerging trends in the work culture and the size of the workforce are new factors that cannot be ignored by corporates, more so by telecom service providers.

As wireless communication is set to play the crucial part in this scenario Tata Teleservices has moved in fast and first to cash in on the emerging new trends through its enterprise solutions package.

Says Soni, "Mobile communication devices are no more just voice transmitters. Technology changes are making these devices far more powerful. Handsets are being transformed in to mini computers."