Tata Motors launches Magic and Winger

Mumbai: Tata Motors has launched a new range of commercial vehicles — the Magic and the Winger.

The Magic, developed on the platform of the successful sub-1 tonne commercial carrier, the Ace, now brings to urban and rural areas a comfortable, safe, four-wheeler public transportation mode.

The Winger range is a passenger range branded as a maxi-van and offers a blend of the comfort of a car with the spaciousness of a bus for intra-city and long-distance transportation needs.

Both the Magic and the Winger are being launched nation-wide, starting with Maharashtra and Gujarat, and will be extended to other parts of the country in due course.

Tata Motors hopes to achieve with the two vehicles what it did with the Ace — create new segments in commercial passenger vehicles and extend its coverage of the entire spectrum of customer needs in mass transportation from the rural interiors to cities as well as the top-end luxury mass transportation segment.

"Tata Motors has always been at the forefront with its commitment to offer transportation solutions which will change the way India travels. The Magic and the Winger are our latest initiatives in that direction, and more will follow. They combine Tata Motors'' traditional engineering excellence with strong customer orientation," said P M Telang, executive director, (commercial vehicle business unit), Tata Motors.