Tata Motors Nov sales surge 43.1 per cent

Tata Motors has reported excellent growth in sales volumes for the month of November 2006, recovering from the sluggish performance for the pervious month because of a fire incident at its paint shop. The company has reported a sales volume growth of 43.1 per cent for the month – substantially higher than expectations. Total sales for the month of November 2006 were 49,061 units, including exports, as compared to 34,282 units during November 2005.

On a month-on-month basis, sales volumes have increased 12.68 per cent from 43,540 units reported for October 2006. For the April-November 2006 period, Tata Motors has sold a total of 358,660 units – a growth of 32.6 per cent over the same period of previous year.

Passenger car sales recovered considerably after reporting a marginal dip during the previous month. Total passenger car sales jumped 48.4 per cent to 19,475 units for the month. Sequentially, passenger car sales have increased 16.44 per cent from 16,726 units for October 2006. Cumulative sales of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for April-November 2006 were 140,495 units, an increase of 22.7 per cent over the same period of previous year

Popular hatchback model Indica recorded its highest-ever monthly sales, helped by the launch of a low-powered petrol version with a lower price tag. Sales of Indica surged 58.1 per cent from the same month of last year to 13,0.47 units. Sequentially, Indica sales increased 18.63 per cent from 10,998 units for the previous month.

Sales of vehicles in the Indigo family also recovered after a 51.3 per cent year-on-year slump during the previous month. The Indigo family sold 2,857 units – an increase of 17.4 per cent over the previous year. On a sequential basis, Indigo sales have increased 65.91 per cent over 1,722 units sold during October 2006. However, sales of Indigo sedan and Indigo Marina station wagon for the month was lower than September 2006, when sales increased substantially after the company launched updated versions.