Tasmac to offers management consultancy to UK universities

In a truly pioneering initiative Tasmac, the prestigious UK management education leaders in India, made a presentation to British universities at a conference organised by the British Council, India, on the management education consultancy division of Tasmac. This conference, held in London in the last week of March, was to create a platform to bring together the British universities and Indian institutions.

The TASMAC Management Education Consultancy Division will:

  • Establish links between UK universities and centres of good standing within India and South Asia;
  • Facilitate the development of mutually productive partnerships between UK universities and appropriate providers of education centres;
  • Provide an international quality guarantee service across all subject boundaries by drawing on Tasmac's pool of academic expertise and excellence;
  • Provide training modules on higher education planning, teaching, learning and evaluation;
  • Maximise recruitment of high-calibre students for British university's partners in India.

Tasmac will act as the management education consultant to ensure the quality and standards of UK higher education offered in India through partners of these universities. Tasmac will do this by first directing and then continuously auditing the way in which the institution manages the overall quality and standards of the university's provision and also by reviewing academic standards and teaching and learning in each subject area. As part of ongoing quality assurance, Tasmac will also provide higher education training and development modules to the institutes.

Says Tasmac chairman and managing director Dr Giri Dua: “The Tasmac Management Education Consultancy is a win-win concept for all — the British universities, their potential Indian partners and Tasmac. This means that those British universities who appoint Tasmac as their management education consultant will effectively repose their faith and confidence in the capability and competence to safeguard their stringent quality standards as they step into and conduct their programmes in India through Indian partners.

“Indian institutes on their part will have an advisor and guide to channelise their efforts in acquiring and sustaining validations from British Universities, reputed for uncompromising quality. Tasmac, on its part, will have carved a unique niche for itself and placed itself galaxies above other management institutes in the country.“

Adds Tasmac joint managing director Sameer Dua: “The division will offer a string of highly specialised and critical services aimed at assisting the Indian institute in developing and maintaining quality standards. These include programme committees, module leaders, annual programme review, monitoring of student satisfaction, examination boards, external examiners reports, admissions committees, development of staff, library and computer lab resources, to name a few key ones. In addition, Tasmac will carry out a full institutional and programme review of validated institutions on an annual basis.“