Tanishq diamonds attract more glitter with increase in gold price

Mumbai: With escalation in the gold price, diamonds seem to have caught the fancy of the customer. The market seems to have shifted its focus from gold to diamonds.

Tanishq presents its customers a wide range of exclusive diamond jewellery for the festive season and the forthcoming wedding season.

The dazzling Tanishq diamond collections comprise a whole range of spectacular enamel and diamonds collection, paisley collection, diamonds and coloured stones collection, dancing diamonds collection, dew drops collection, 9-to-5 diamonds collection and much more. Tanishq offerings also include the elegant lightweight diamond collection jewellery and a vast range of grand and spectacular solitaires.

In India, diamonds are perceived as being a very expensive purchase. Tanishq jewellery has made an attempt to remove this barrier with the latest designs of diamond jewellery that are mesmerising yet affordable.

Says Saroja Y L, marketing head, Tanishq: "As a brand, Tanishq has always tried to fulfil every woman's desire of owning diamonds. The range of exquisite diamond jewellery at Tanishq provides its customers with wide choice. The designs are both traditional and contemporary and are available at very affordable prices thus contradicting the belief that diamonds are beyond the reach of the working class.

"Further, with increasing gold prices, one of the best alternatives emerging is to purchase diamond jewellery. We are trying to give to our customers multiple options amidst the ascending gold prices by presenting a wide variety of diamond collections to them to enable purchase."