Tanishq reopens 'Impure to Pure Exchange Offer' till 30 June

During the offer period, customers can come to the Tanishq showroom and get a free gold purity check done on the Karatmeter (an internationally acclaimed device for purity checking). Even if they find their jewellery to be less than 22k (up 19 karat pure), they can exchange it for Tanishq's certified jewellery. The offer here is that jewellery up to 19k of purity will be valued at 22k by Tanishq in exchange for any Tanishq product.

For purity below 19 karat, the customer will have to pay to make it up to 19k and then avail of the offer. Further, a discount of 5 per cent will be offered on all studded products if bought before 4 pm and 3 per cent if bought after that. For purity below 19 karat, the customer will have to pay to make it up to 19 and then avail of the offer.

Says Y L Saroja, head (design and marketing), Tanishq: "Last year in the month of May, a large number of customers walked into our showrooms across 40 cities. We were told by our staff that a lot of people kept coming after the offer was over asking for it. It is for the benefit of these customers as well as the for the benefit of a large number of people who missed this opportunity that the exchange offer has been re-introduced. While there have been many other studies by industry bodies talking about the lower gold purity levels in the market, the exchange scheme run by Tanishq last year reinforced the findings."

Almost all Tanishq showrooms across India use an internationally acclaimed device called Karatmeter for measuring gold purity. Karatmeter uses X-rays to give an exact reading of the purity of gold in just three minutes, giving the consumer an unmatched benefit when buying or selling gold. The system is designed to give an accurate and quick reading of karatage of gold jewellery. It is in fact the most scientifically proven, non-destructive means of testing the purity of gold.

Each and every piece of Tanishq jewellery is manufactured at an integrated facility that ensures highest quality control at each stage of manufacturing ranging from refining to alloying to the final finishes. Every piece is guaranteed and certified in writing.

Average purity of gold in different cities (Source: Tanishq's Impure to Pure Exchange offer in the year 2002):