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Titan-WWF range of watches launched news
12 September 2008

Ogilvy & Mather is releasing a new TV advertisement this week featuring Aamir Khan for the new Titan-World Wild Life Fund (WWF) range that was launched yesterday. Titan's chief operating officer Harish Bhat revealed, "Titan has spent Rs3 crore on the advertising campaign and the advertisement will aired in a day or two."

The range includes six unisex watches with emblems representing some of India's endangered species such as the tiger, Indian rhino, Gangetic river dolphin, red panda, whale shark and the Oliver Ridley turtle.

"This new collection of watches expresses the yearning that many Indians possess today, for being one with the wild and caring for our endangered animal species in a responsible manner, said Bhatt. "At Titan, we strive to develop collections of watches, which help our consumers connect with their deep-rooted yearnings for self-expression and thus "be more" (Titan's campaign theme) in their lives. The Titan-WWF collection fits this theme perfectly."

The main objective of this partnership is to spread awareness about these highly endangered species in India, some of which could soon be extinct.

With every Titan-WWF watch purchased, Titan will contribute Rs150 to WWF towards its efforts of  the conservation of their natural habitat.

Every watch in the collection captures the strength and beauty of each of these magnificent animals. Priced between Rs3,000 and Rs3,800 and presented in 13 different styles, these watches would be available at all 'World of Titan' showrooms, multi-brand outlets and various malls across the country.

Ravi Singh, secretary general and CEO, WWF India, said, "WWF India views this association as a unique awareness campaign for saving some of India's endangered species. Titan's endangered-species collection is not only an attempt to illustrate the plight of some of India's iconic species but also a commitment for conservation.

"It is alarming that the numbers of species chosen for the Titan line have declined drastically in recent years. What makes this critical is that very few individuals are coming forward to understand the issues involved in the protection of these species and to join hands in the conservation of India's unique fauna that is part of our natural heritage.

"Through this important partnership between Titan and WWF, we wish to reach out to those who would like to be the torch bearers in our mission to save these species for their future, both by the significance of symbolism and by participative action."

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Titan-WWF range of watches launched