Tatas moving out of Singur

With the October launch date for the Rs1-lakh car almost in sight, but without any signs of a settlement at Singur between the CPM-led Left front goverrnment and Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress, Tata Motors is reported to have finally given up on Singur and has started moving its equipemnt from its factory premises.

Work at its Singur project site had ground to a halt earlier this month due to violent protests by agitating farmers dmanding a better rehabilitation package for their land (See:Tata Motors backs new Singur package) and a decision to shift at this juncture barely a month ahead of the launch would be a major upheavel for the company at his juncture, which it is resigned to. 

Citing unnamed government officials, The Times of India today reported that though talks between the West Bengal government and Trinamool leaders backing the farmers were still continuing, day before yesterday's attack on two security guards posted at the at the factory may have precipitated Tatas into finally opting out of West Bengal.

Busines channel IBN Live, also quoting unnamed sources, said that the Tatas had started moving equipment and plant parts from the site to an undisclosed location 10 days ago. Vendors have also removed their equipment.

Earlier, NDTV Profit business channel had said Tata Motors couild formally announce its decision to move out of Singur next week unless something dramatic happened "very soon".

Tata Motors has declined comment.