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Jaguar-Land Rover to utilise TCS' expertise news
05 August 2008

Jaguar and Land Rover will use the information technology expertise of Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) as the iconic British brands plot their revamp under the Tata Group, its chief executive David Smith said.

''There are two or three areas where it would be good to bring in their expertise, these included cutting costs and making use of TCS' IT resources,'' the Financial Times, London quoted Smith as saying.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Smith also allayed fears of any large-scale restructuring and said there would not be any major shift to sourcing from India.

''Tata wants us to be autonomous - I've got all the executive authority I need to make both the day-to-day and the long-term executive decisions without having to consult Ratan Tata and Ravi Kant (the two other board members)'', Smith told the newspaper.

Following its acquisition from Ford Motors in June this year, the company had set up a core group comprising Ratan Tata and Ravi Kant to offer ideas on products and to provide inputs on cost-effective engineering in a bid to turn around the company.

This core group will meet every couple of months to review progress on plans, strategies and future products.

Smith said JLR will be able to make quick decisions under the Tatas because of a combination of better resources and autonomy of decision-making. JLR is also able to think as a smaller and more agile business, he added.

He also said that earlier, under Ford, there were financial constraints, which made life very difficult. What he sees as a big difference from the Ford era is that now they can take decisions quickly.

''Tata is a principled company where emphasis is given to corporate social responsibility, which are quite different than some of the US or European companies,'' he added.

TCS delivers profit-impacting innovative solutions to the manufacturing enterprises enabling them to contain costs, improve operating efficiencies, and decrease time-to-market for their products. With over 110,000 employees woldwide, TCS serves 800 companies using its Global Network Delivery Model.

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Jaguar-Land Rover to utilise TCS' expertise