The Symantec view of India

Kerrie Turner.jpg (9864 bytes)The author talked to Kerrie Ann Turner, country manager (India) Symantec, and Lyn Tran, regional product manager, security and assistance business unit, Symantec Asia-Pacific.

Symantec, the company well known for its Norton utilities, is setting up an Indian subsidiary. The subsidiary is expected to be operational by September 1999. Until now Symantec has sold its products through Godrej Pacific Technology Ltd. According to Kerrie Ann Turner, country manager (India) Symantec, Symantec has chosen to focus on utilities, security solutions and productivity solutions.Lyn Tran.jpg (9309 bytes) Incidentally, Peter Norton, whose name lends greater familiarity to the company's products, spends more time on his personal pursuits nowadays but remains the guiding force behind the company.

domain-B: So far Symantec's presence in India has been through its distributor  Godrej Pacific Technology Ltd, or GPTL. Why set up an Indian subsidiary now? What will be Godrej Pacific's role now?

Turner: This follows from a definite strategy. We were looking for a nationwide distributor for our products, and Godrej Pacific fits in well with its wide network. As part of our larger plans for the region (Asia Pacific), we are focusing on the markets in China and India, which are booming. That is the reason behind the larger presence in the form of our local office. Godrej Pacific will remain our distributor, and its network will add to our strength.

domain-B: What are your plans for the Indian market? How do you see the Indian market shaping up? Can you tell us something about Symantec's commitments in the country?

Turner: Now that we have planned to enter the market, we are going to be focusing on the OEM (original equipment manufacturers), SOHO (small office home office) and corporate sectors. We see Network Associates (of McAfee fame) as the major competitor for our utility products, especially in anti-virus applications.