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Sun Microsystems launches new SunTone initiative for enterprisesnews
04 February 2003

Mumbai: Meeting enterprises' increasing requirements to deliver high-quality data centre services to its employees, customers and partners, Sun Microsystems ( has announced that its industry-developed and proven SunTone Initiative ( has expanded its scope to deliver a new SunTone Service Delivery Specification, consulting services, Reference Architectures and certification to enterprises.

Hershey Foods Corporation and Siemens Business Services are among the first companies to achieve SunTone certification for their data centre services. ''Achieving SunTone certification provides us and our internal customers with the validation that we are truly running a world-class data centre,'' says George Davis, VP and CIO, Hershey Foods.

The SunTone Initiative provides best practices and processes designed to enable enterprise IT environments to architect, implement and manage higher quality networked services by improving the competency, efficiency and effectiveness of operations, staffing and service management. SunTone can help customers lower total cost of ownership, reduce complexity and drive data centre management efficiencies.

The new SunTone Service Delivery Specification 2.0 provides industry-developed best practices, processes and procedures for deploying and managing higher quality end-to-end service delivery - from the network to the infrastructure, to the application service delivery.

The new specification goes beyond the operational management to include processes and methodologies to assess and validate service delivery architecture and implementation. It also provides enhanced security management methodologies.

The SunTone Initiative now offers quality enablers - a comprehensive portfolio of offerings and tools to build quality throughout the service delivery lifecycle. These include Sun Services, Reference Architectures that are SunTone compliant and SunTone certified applications.

Sun Services offers technical consulting services to help enterprises close the gaps between the existing IT architectures and operations management and the stringent requirements defined by the SunTone Initiative. The consulting services assess existing architectures, operational processes, and staff skill levels, and recommend remedial actions needed to meet SunTone standards.

Sun's Reference Architectures are built to SunTone quality standards and deliver pre-designed, tested, tuned and documented proof-of-concept solution implementations that meet specific business needs, saving time and lowering the risk associated with architectural decisions and
implementations. Reference Architectures are available for customers to test their solution before purchase in Sun's iForce(sm) Solution Centres or through Sun's Customer Ready Systems programme.

SunTone additionally offers a portfolio of over 130 SunTone certified applications available worldwide from Sun's iForce partners. Enterprises can select high quality, pre-qualified applications that are designed to operate within the networked service environment.

The SunTone audit and certification validates the service quality against the specification and SLAs and gives customers the assurance in delivering world-class data centre services. And, as enterprises turn to a service provider to outsource all or part of their IT environment, the SunTone certified brand enables them to identify high quality service offerings and deploy them with confidence. To date, more than 150 SP services have achieved SunTone certification.

The SunTone Initiative helps IT departments - whether they are leveraging in-house expertise or outsourcing - to improve data centre management efficiencies, provide more reliable and secure networked services, and reduce cost through streamlined operations.

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, 'The Network Is The Computer[tm],' has propelled Sun Microsystems to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that make the Net work.

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Sun Microsystems launches new SunTone initiative for enterprises