Revolutionary product Skylift for drying clothes launched

New Delhi: Skylift, a revolutionary new product for drying clothes, has been introduced in the market. It is indigenously designed as an innovative equipment for drying clothes. The product matches the finest international standards and is made from the high-quality components of Fischer, Germany.

Says SSV Enterprises director Sanju Aggarwal: "The product is designed keeping in mind convenience of women. It will also bring an entirely new experience to the whole process. It also will also transform the aesthetic appeal of outdoors."

The problems of lack of open spaces and highly unpredictable weather conditions of our country gave birth to the concept of Skylift. The product is made up of extremely lightweight and absolutely corrosion-free 100-per cent aluminium rods and a long-lasting monofilament rope.

It works on the simple mechanism of a pulley lever and is very easy to install. The lift is attached to the roof of the house which when required can be pulled down using the rope. The product takes up minimal space and since it is mounted up on the roof it solves the purpose without disturbing the harmony of your décor.

The biggest advantage of using a Skylift over the traditional clothesline is that it prevents the clothes from fading under the harsh sunshine along with avoiding the risk of their getting wet because of untimely rains. It is made up of high-grade international standard aluminium. It is completely collapsible, thus easy to store too. The components for the product have been imported from Fischer, Germany.

Along with all the above said benefits, Skylift is priced at a affordable price of Rs 745. This is one product which is definitely a boon for the Indian homes as it not only makes a better.