Samsung launches first LED TV in the Indian market

Korean consumer electronic major Samsung is breaking new ground and showcasing itself as the innovator in the Indian TV industry by launching the first LED High Definition TV's in the country.

Samsung India launched the LED TV series 6 and 7 in 40 and 46 inch display screens, respectively and the 8 series in 55 inch in the Indian market yesterday.

The use of LED technology enables Samsung's LED TVs to be 70 per cent slimmer and consumes less than 40 per cent of the power consumed by conventional LCD TVs.

The LED TVs also incorporate cutting-edge display technologies, innovative design and environment-friendly features, made possible only by the groundbreaking use of LED technology.

Samsung has slimmed all three series down to ultra-thin depths of only 29.9mm. The sets are trim and has all the connectivity options, even though the TVs are just over a inch thick.

Samsung has also reduced the gap between the TV and the wall to around 15mm, where earlier all flat screen models had a gap of 2 inches from the wall. By reducing this space, the Samsung LED TVs truly look like a picture frame hanging on a wall.