Reva's new model showcased

The Reva- NXG (for next generation), completely designed and manufactured in India, has emerged as among the most advanced vehicles of its kind, worldwide. The car had its global launch, earlier this month at the 21st International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Monaco and received rave reviews in the European media. A two-seater powered by a 37 kW AC induction motor, which runs on sodium nickel chloride batteries rather than lead acid cells, the Reva NXG has an independent four-wheel suspension and can achieve a top speed of 120 km/h.

The battery of the car has an extended charge to enable it run upto a distance of 200km. According to the company the car has the best endurance among electric personal vehicles at present.

Designed by auto designer Dilip Chhabria NXG''s `digital dashboard'' comprising a wireless tablet that uses a touch screen display and integrates all vehicle functions including Internet access, a satellite-based navigation system and an MP3 music player were provided by Encore Software, better know as the makers of the Simputer.

Anticipating an enthusiastic response in European markets the company is gearing up to roll out 6,000 cars per year in a few months time.

Reva''s current model has already found buyers in the UK Japan, and Malta and export deals have been sewn up in Norway and Israel.

But since the central government has not pitched in with any monetary incentives to the Indian customer, the company has kept the car kept its price at somewhere between Rs2.7 and Rs3.5 lakh.