Reliance Energy Q4 net rises 15 per cent

For the fourth quarter ended 31 March 2006, Reliance Energy has reported a net profit of Rs169.47 crore or Rs8.39 per equity share, an increase of 14.56 per cent over Rs147.93 crore or Rs7.97 per share reported for the same quarter of previous year. The company benefited from 51.55 per cent rise in other income to Rs186.27 crore from Rs122.91 crore during the year ago quarter.

Total revenues for the quarter declined 22.97 per cent to Rs1,224.45 crore from Rs1,589.54 crore. The decline in total revenues was on account of a 67.12-per cent fall in revenues of EPC and projects division to Rs267.12 crore from Rs812.34 crore. Income from electricity sales increased 17.78 per cent to Rs771.06 crore from Rs654.69 crore.

Operating profits for the quarter, excluding other income, increased marginally to Rs190.14 crore from Rs189.09 crore for the prior year quarter. Operating margins for the quarter improved substantially by around 550 basis points to 18.31 per cent of operating revenues.

For the full year 2005-06, the company has reported a net profit of Rs650.34 crore or Rs32.7 per share, an increase of 25 per cent over Rs520.29 crore or Rs28.06 per share reported for the previous year. Other income increased 27.48 per cent to Rs588.81 crore from Rs461.88 crore for 2004-05.

Total revenues for the full year increased marginally by 3.3 per cent to Rs4,607.88 from Rs4,592.22 crore. Electricity sales increased 9.77 per cent to Rs3,179.04 crore from Rs2,895.99 crore. Revenues from EPC and projects division declined 31.96 per cent to Rs840.03 crore from Rs1,234.68 crore.