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Ranbaxy wins two additional atorvastatin patents in Norwaynews
The Oslo City Court ag
30 August 2006
Indian pharmaceutical major Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd has won a favourable decision from a Norwegian court in its case against Pfizer, involving two patents on cholesterol-lowering drug atorvastatin in Norway. Pfizer markets atorvastatin as Lipitor.

The Oslo City Court agreed with Ranbaxy and ruled non-infringement of two of Pfizer's Norwegian patents (No.177,566 and No.180,199) covering particular intermediate compounds.
Earlier in November 2005, the Norwegian Court had found Ranbaxy's atorvastatin product did not infringe Pfizer's process patents No.309,322, but infringed one of Pfizer's other patents (No.177,706) covering a particular intermediate compound.

Ranbaxy has already appealed to the Norwegian Court of Appeals against the negative judgment on the one remaining intermediate compound patent.

"This is a most important decision for Ranbaxy, as it significantly validates our position regarding the atorvastatin patents," said Jay Deshmukh, senior vice president, global intellectual property for RLL. "We will continue to actively pursue all of our options in Norway and other markets in order to bring affordable atorvastatin to patients around the world."

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Ranbaxy wins two additional atorvastatin patents in Norway