Ramco Systems targets low cost airlines

According to Jim Fitzgerald, senior vice president, talks are being held with the domestic private airlines. The lead time for an order is normally long and may take even two years. As the private airlines fleet consists of new crafts, the demand for MRO solution is expected to take off in a year or so.

"The challenge for low cost airlines is to have a fully functional software that is low-cost. As these are new airliners without any legacy software, the software implementation costs should be lower."

Over the next ten years, the Asian MRO industry is project to touch $12.2 billion, that is 24 per cent of the global market.

The company's aviation and MRO software is pre-built for fixed and rotary wing operators, MRO service providers and original equipment manufacturers. The software has the components for engineering and technical document management, hangar maintenance planning and execution, configuration and component management, flight operations, reliability management, quality audit and library management, inventory management, human resource management, MRO sales management, financial management, aviation analytics and electronic flight bag.

The latest success for Ramco Systems is the winning of JeJu Air Company, South Korea. The company expects a 70 per cent growth in the client base. The current client list include Indian (formerly Indian Airlines), Indian Air Force, Virgin America, SpiceJet, Safe Air Limited, New Zealand and others.

Speaking about the marketing plan, he said, Ramco Systems has tied up with Sabre Airline Solutions to sell the product globally. "We also provide the solution on application solution provider (ASP) model."