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Philips Reaches Milestone Of 100,000 Patentsnews
Our Corporate Bureau
17 December 2003

Amsterdam: Royal Philips Electronics has recently reached the impressive milestone of 100,000 patents, confirming its excellence as a highly innovative company. Philips generates significant revenues through its pro-active intellectual property strategy. The income from intellectual property is essential for the discovery of innovative technology and the development of new products, as it is used almost entirely to help fund Philips'' Research & Development.

Some examples of important patented Philips-inventions are CD, DVD, JPEG, MPEG (digital video), Xenon car lights, UHP lights for projectors and GSM speech codification. Over the last five years, Philips has tripled the annual number of inventions for which it seeks patents from 1,000 to 3,000. For the last two years, Philips has been the number one company in patent applications with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

According to Gerard Kleisterlee, CEO of Philips, ''reaching the milestone of 100,000 patents is a fantastic achievement. It is a logical consequence of our strategy to activate the value of our technological knowledge. Our intellectual property portfolio determines our value as a company in what we call the "Intellectual Economy", the market where technology is traded. We use our patents more and more as a tool for sharing our technology with other companies, for example, by licensing our patents. As a result, we continue to provide the world with useful and convenient innovations that enhance the quality of life.''


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Philips Reaches Milestone Of 100,000 Patents