Philips India launches world''s brightest projection 55" TV

New Delhi: Philips India, a subsidiary of the Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics, and India's most respected consumer electronics brand, has launched the 55" rear-projection TV in India. The 55PP8620 projection TV is another world's first from Philips, and is part of the premium International Matchline European Designer Series.

The New Philips 55PP8620 projection TV, "the world's brightest 55" projection TV," is packed with the latest state-of-the-art features such as 100Hz digital scan, progressive scan, Magnabrite lens, automatic multipoint digital convergence adjustments and virtual Dolby surround, for a unique home cinema experience.

Features of the 55" Matchline Projection TV:

  • From the premium, International Matchline European Designer Series
  • 100 Hz Digital Scan which eliminates picture flickering and line jitter offering a stable picture for relaxed viewing (no eye strain)
  • Progressive Scan doubles the number of visible picture lines per field by displaying all picture frame lines at once minimising the visibility of the scan lines
  • Magnabrite™ Lens system to achieve consistent edge-to-edge brightness and dramatically reduced focal length resulting in crispy pictures
  • Virtual Dolby Sound gives cinema like Surround Sound without any additional speakers
  • Multipoint Digital Convergence enables accuracy of Digital Technology for flawless convergence of Red, Green and Blue colours to give Superb Picture
  • Double Window 2-Tuner PIP allows the two separate tuners to let you select two channels and display both in windows of equal proportion
  • High definition component inputs which supports HD video inputs for superb colour purity, crisp colour detail and reduced colour noise

The TV has a stylish design and is available with a silver finish, which matches the specific preference that is usually shown by buyers of high-end sets. The unique aspects of this television are the very high brightness and contrast levels displayed on the screen. A wide-viewing angle of 160 degrees enables the picture to be seen from virtually anywhere in the room, with consistent picture quality and brightness.

The TV is also equipped with S-VHS terminal, DVD terminal input (YUV), and HD video input terminals, which support high-quality video outputs available from DVD players or camcorders to give superb picture quality. It is available in premium consumer electronics showrooms in select cities across India, at an MRP of Rs 1,74,000.