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PepsiCo introduces Mountain Dew in 500ml, 300ml glass bottles news
Our Corporate Bureau
17 January 2003

Hyderabad: The third-largest soft drink brand in the US has touched down on Indian shores - and in great style. Pepsi has unleashed one of the largest-selling brands from its international portfolio, Mountain Dew, at a first-of-its-kind brand launch, living up to its brand profile and pedigree.

The unique neon-coloured Mountain Dew is available in 500ml PET and 300ml (single serve) returnable glass bottles (RGB) at an introductory price of Rs 15 and Rs 8, respectively, in all outlets, pubs, restaurants and eateries.

Internationally, Mountain Dew has an integral association with alternative sports, which encompasses a whole gamut of culture, music and fashion trends. In keeping with that trend, two of the most popular international ambassadors of Mountain Dew - 23-year-old Fabiola Da Silva of Brazil, the top female in the field of aggressive inline professionals, and 24-year-old Chad Kagy of the US, the world's top BMX competitor - accompanied Mountain Dew on its voyage to India, and performed spectacular feats at its unveiling.

Says PepsiCo India Holdings chairman Rajeev Bakshi: ''Mountain Dew is all about connecting with young people by breaking through to them in ways that capture their attention. Doing the 'Dew' is like no other soft drink experience because of its daring, high-energy, high-intensity, active, extreme citrus taste. Mountain Dew is a soft drink that exhilarates like no other because it gives a refreshing rush of energy.

''Mountain Dew is going to open up a new need state (energy) and bring in a whole new dimension to the very lifestyle of youngsters in India. And this is just the beginning; we have a constant supply of innovative, exciting new products and promotions over the next few weeks leading up to the ICC World Cup.''

Mountain Dew will be subsequently rolled out across the country in the coming months. The new product will be supported by a high-voltage multimedia communication package, identifying with high-energy outdoor activities, which are popular with the teens.

To begin with, three ad spots, of 30 seconds duration each, will be launched on all mainline TV channels. The spots, conceptualised by PepsiCo's ad agency JWT, are made by young filmmaker Kunal Shivdasani. Shot at various locations in Mumbai such as Film City, Lonavala, and the Borivili National Park, the stills of the spots are shot by celebrated photographer Atul Kasbekar.

This exhilaration and excitement of Mountain Dew is reflected in the high-adrenaline advertising of the brand and the ownership of the daring fun platform. This is being arrogated through association with alternative sports and adventure. The irreverent, self-assured and adventurous character of the brand user is reflected through a group of cool dudes: Amit Jain, Aamir Ali and Daman Singh of Mumbai and Shibu of Delhi, who believe in creating their own daring fun.

On one occasion, the much-travelled foursome face a moment of reckoning when they realise that they have really not ''been there, done that'' till the time they have ''done the Dew.'' Now firmly hooked to the sheer energy of Dew, the youngsters still raise their adventurism a few notches higher by matching the stride of a cheetah to literally snatch a Dew from the sprinting cat.

PepsiCo is also set to roll out an innovative ground communication package through exciting outdoor presence and merchandising to generate awareness about Mountain Dew in all major cities and towns in the country. Specially designed Mountain Dew cars will hit the roads in all these places to add to the excitement.

Additionally, PepsiCo has also installed some never-seen-before fun games at some of the most popular youth hangouts in cities and towns. Dew Velcro, Dew Twin Peaks and Bungee Running are some of the world-class fun game PepsiCo will bring for the purpose. Various cities across the country will experience PepsiCo's relentless focus on driving the brand properties of energy and exhilaration in ground execution to connect with youth to ''do the Dew.''

Mountain Dew joins the already strong brand portfolio of PepsiCo in India: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Aha, the Mirinda range of flavours (orange, lemon and apple), 7UP, Slice, the Tropicana range of 100-per cent fruit juices, Aquafina and Lehar Evervess Soda.

History of Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew was born way back in 1940s in the hills of Tennessee, US. The name Mountain Dew was first trademarked by two brothers, Barvey and Ally Hartman, who ran a bottling plant in Knoxville. Many years later, a gentleman by the name of Bill Bridgforth perfected the flavour of Mountain Dew as we know it today. Dew's appeal went national when PepsiCo brought it in 1964.

Global ad agency BBDO was awarded the Mountain Dew account in 1973, which came out with ads aimed at Dew's true market - young, active and outdoor types. Diet Dew came into the scene in 1988, providing a great tasting, low-sugar compliment to the original Dew.

The ''do the Dew'' tagline appeared in 1993 along with the Dew Dudes in the award-winning commercial ''been there, done that.'' Mountain Dew sponsored the first-ever X-games in 1995. The rest is extreme sports history. Mountain Dew Code Red and Amp Energy Drink burst onto the scene in 2001. Diet Mountain Code Red was introduced in 2002. Mountain Dew is the third largest soft drink brand in the US.

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PepsiCo introduces Mountain Dew in 500ml, 300ml glass bottles