Simple innovation enables Duracell to introduce ultra bright flashlights news
21 August 2008

In a professional setting or at home, trouble tends to hide in the dark corners. Duracell says it is is lighting the way with the introduction of its Duracell Daylite, the first in a new line of flashlights that are durable enough to be used in the harshest of environments and compact enough to take into any space. Most important, the power and quality of the light beam is unsurpassed by any other device.

The Daylite elevaes typical LED lighting technology to another level. Even with a reflector or lens, a standard LED light source emits and captures light so inefficiently in a 180-degree pattern that it captures less than 70 per cent of the total light produced.

The TrueBeam method uses both a lens and a reflector to capture and project up to 100 per cent of the light, delivering a brighter, whiter beam that totally eliminates the dark spot that plagues the typical flashlight.

Developed to meet the demand for a better and brighter light, the heavy-duty Duracell Daylite was developed with patented TrueBeam technology which captures, focuses and projects more light than the typical LED and bulb technologies currently on the store shelves with settings from a focused spotlight to floodlight.

"We've re-engineered the common flashlight into a more powerful tool that will help give professionals and do-it-yourselfers the vision to do their jobs better," said Rick June, Duracell vice president and general manager.

"The difference isn't subtle, and we named it Daylite for a reason. It's like bringing a beam of daylight to the job. It's powered by Duracell batteries, but it's another example of how the company is bringing more than battery innovation to the market," June says.

Because of its durability, the Duracell Daylite flashlight is expected to become a fast favorite for safety professionals across the country. The premium features and value pricing of the Daylite also make it the perfect choice for the millions of do-it-yourselfers who are looking for bright, even light that easily and efficiently translates from a tight beam to a wide flood without any fade or dark spots.

These features will make household projects and DIY fixes requiring a dependable, bright light source simpler than ever before. As a result of the successful acquisition of Garrity in 2006, Duracell's technology partner, Illumination Management Solutions, helped bring the TrueBeam to the mass market.

The Duracell Daylite flashlight is beinng priced in the US for $24.99 for AA and AAA. The CR123 will have a suggested retail of $34.99.

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Simple innovation enables Duracell to introduce ultra bright flashlights