Pepsi's launches new televsion advertising

Pepsi India has unveiled an interactive television commercial to re-iterate the "cool" positioning of its 'My Can' packaging.

Pepsi had unveiled its stylish new 'My Can', a packaging innovation that both reflects the style of today's youth while giving them a platform to express themselves, last year. The ad had Pepsi Brand ambassadors Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham.

The new television ad by JWT features Ranbir Kapoor and has two parts.

The first part opens in a modern trade store with Kapoor and a girl going for a 'My Can' from a refrigerator. Both of them grab the last 'My Can' at the same time and thus, begins the tussle for 'My Can' as both of them are not willing to let go of it.

The tussle moves on from the store to Ranbir's apartment, and finally his bedroom, while both of them assertively state their claim on the 'My Can' by repeatedly affirmation - 'My Can'.

Soon, to the girl's utter surprise, Ranbir, in an act of dare, takes his shirt off and mocks at the girl to let go. The girl complains but still refuses to let go of the can.