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Parle Agro presents the New Look Appy Fizz news
11 September 2008

Mumbai: Parle Agro has launched its premium sparkling apple drink, Appy Fizz in a new avatar.

Appy Fizz, originally introduced in the Indian market in June 2005 as a cool and trendy product to hang out with, is targeted at the youth segment.

New Branding:
Always known for his quick wit, opinionated views, his gang of friends and his self-effacing humour, Appy Fizz now wants to be known for his style too. In his new avatar, Appy Fizz wears a suave look, a spanking new label with cool graphics and a fun personal profile, and will show it off on television and retails stores across the country.

''Appy Fizz isn't just a sparkling apple drink; as a brand he's representative of the youth. And the youth is all about constant change and experiments - with looks and style, with ideas and beliefs. Appy Fizz's new look is in keeping with that kind of a mindset,'' says Nadia Chauhan, Director, Parle Agro.

New TVC:
In line with this innovative branding approach, Appy Fizz's latest television commercial showcases the Appy Fizz character, the walking-talking bottle of Appy Fizz, surprising everyone with its new look.

''We maintained the fun quotient Appy Fizz had in the previous campaigns but added a lot of style since it was going to be about the New Look'', says Sajan Raj Kurup, chairman and chief creative officer of Creativeland Asia, the agency that created the new packaging design and the communication.

TVC Storyboard:
The film starts out with Appy Fizz's friends who come into a supermarket looking for him, and the fun begins when Appy Fizz jumps out of the walk-in refrigerator and does a dance number that blows everything away, including his friends who are surprised with Appy Fizz's new look.

However, they soon realise that under the brand-new label, Appy Fizz is the same old prankster.

Parle Agro has made a large investment in all its manufacturing units to enhance the premium look of the champagne-shaped Appy Fizz PET bottle, which gives the beverage its sparkling youthful appeal.

A closer look at the bottle reveals that a lot has changed, with the new packaging being filled with fun stuff facts, trivia, and an invitation to Appy Fizz's online pad.

''Bold, unrestrained, unabashed and cool that should sum up the look we have created for Appy Fizz. It pretty much mirrors the youth values today'' says Raj Kurup.

Speaking about the kind of detailing in the new packaging, Nadia Chauhan says, ''It's about engaging the consumer at the first point of contact and engineering the right kind of start to the relationship''.

Designed like his home, the website is packed with tons of interactive stuff like the jukebox, party invites, hilarious greeting e-cards, and fun mocktail/cocktail mixers.

Appy Fizz is available in stock keeping units of 300ml, 500ml and 1 litre PET bottles, priced at Rs18, Rs25 and Rs45 respectively.

Parle Agro's beverage brands include Frooti, Appy, Appy Fizz and packaged drinking water, Bailley. The company was a pioneer in introducing fruit drinks in Tetra Pak's in India, and the first to introduce fruit drinks in PET bottles in India.

Parle Agro has also recently forayed into the confectionery business with the launch of its hard mint, Mintrox in three flavors Peppermint, Cinnamon and Menthol, and its chewy toffees - ButterCup and ButterCup Softease.

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Parle Agro presents the New Look Appy Fizz