After Kolkata, Mumbai, Oxford Bookstore opens in Bangalore

Like in its counterparts in the other two metros, it also brings to the city the never-before experience of the Cha Bar with its handpicked selection of teas from all the major tea-growing regions of the world. The store is committed to bringing the best in international publishing and book retailing to the city.

Brimming with fresh energy and ideas in bound volumes energising all inside and tempting the outside stands Oxford Bookstore. Leveraging on relationship build over 80 years with various publishers, Oxford brings to the city an enviable selection of books offering over 50,000 titles spread over 40 sections along with gifts, a gallery space, Internet facilities and Cha Bar.

Key players in the industry like Penguin India, Oxford University press, Harper Collins are well represented, as are prominent international publishing giants. World''s largest publisher of art books Thames and Hudson (UK) has joined hands exclusively with Oxford to bring the latest titles to the discerning book lovers of India.

Says Oxford Bookstore chief operating officer Sanjeev Mehra: "We are happy to launch our third store of the chain in Bangalore. We bring with us a complete experience — an enviable range of books for all ages and interest groups, an energising space to attract the different generations and a forum for many different ideas and people to come together.

"Oxford Bookstore Kolkata is an icon on Park Street. Our second store in Mumbai was opened in 2002 and in less than a year''s time became the most happening hub in the city. I am confident that this city will find in us the answers to their intellectual needs."

Oxford Bookstore is the only completely integrated online offline bookstore in India with access to 6 million titles worldwide. provides special online shopping benefits and is the only of its kind, hosted out of India.