Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk seeks to buy US biotechnology company Global Blood Therapeutics
09 March 2017
Denmark’s Novo Nordisk to invest £115 mn in new research centre at Oxford
30 January 2017
Novo Nordisk to pay $25 million to settle US probe
13 June 2011
Torrent opens exclusive human insulin unit for Novo Nordisk
14 November 2009
Novo Nordisk seeks approval of new Type 2 diabetes drug in US, Europe
24 May 2008
Novo Nordisk researchers nominated for Europe’s top innovation prize for new version of insulin
06 May 2008
Novo Nordisk divests three metabolic-disorder treatment programmes to TransTech Pharma
25 January 2008
TCS to provide end-to-end clinical trial data management solution for Novo Nordisk
19 December 2005
Novo Nordisk unveils 2 insulin
10 November 2003
Novo Nordisk ignores IPR, to launch new products in India
13 December 2002
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