Nirma introduces a revolutionary ad campaign for Camay

Mumbai: Nirma Ltd, the second-largest toilet soap marketer in India with a market share of 20 per cent, has announced the launch of a new advertisement campaign for Camay, the world famous beauty soap.

Says Nirma director Hiren. K Patel: “At Nirma we have always believed in bringing the best to our consumers. Earlier, Camay was accessible only to a particular segment of the Indian society. Now, anyone can buy it. The campaign reinforces the image of Camay as an ideal skincare soap.”

Following a detailed quantitative and qualitative research, commissioned by Nirma to ascertain consumer needs and attitudes, it was discovered that there were marked preferences for “skincare properties.” Among many ingredients considered ideal for good skincare soap were milk cream and saffron. These are the active ingredients in the new Camay.

The new ad campaign, rolled out in the third week of December 2002, is featured on all leading TV channels. Diya Mirza, upcoming actress and former Miss India Asia Pacific, has been roped in for the new campaign. The new television commercial with the very catching slogan, “Dil karta ha, choo lu tumko,” shows the beautiful Mirza walking lost in thought on a beach.

The scene shifts to her taking a bubble bath using the Camay beauty soap with saffron and milk cream. The concept behind the advertisement is that the soap leaves one with such soft and beautiful skin that even a soap bubble remains intact after touching the skin.

Nirma, a saga of an enterprise, is a distinct example of successful Indian entrepreneurship. Journey of Nirma, which began as a one-man operation in 1969 with Karsanbhai Patel, to a company with a turnover of Rs 2,500 crore, has been exceptional. Today, 33 years later, Nirma is a household name. It is a brand with a leadership presence in detergents, soaps and personal-care products and enjoys a strong and loyal consumer base.