Nirma will now manufacture and market Camay for India

Mumbai: In a truly path-breaking move in the prevalent fast-moving consumer goods climate, Nirma has announced the exclusive marketing and manufacturing arrangement by which Nirma will bring Camay, one of the world's leading beauty soap brands, to the Indian consumer.

Nirma Consumer Care, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nirma, obtained the license of the trademark Camay from Procter and Gamble Home Products (PGHP) for an undisclosed license fee with effect from 8 October 2002. The arrangement is valid for a rolling period of five years and covers toilet soaps.

Camay constitutes one of PGHP's leading brands among their portfolio and has been one of the oldest brands in the PGHP stable dating back to 1926. In this era, women prefer white soaps since many imported soaps have colours added to mask impurities. For many years, Camay was advertised as “the soap of beautiful women.“

Camay was coined from the French word camee, which means cameo, the jewel. The brand was launched in India in December 1993. Camay is available to consumers across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Nirma has an exclusive arrangement to manufacture and market Camay for the Indian market. Nirma's distribution and marketing strengths coupled with the “strong legacy“ built by the company will infuse a fresh lease of life into the glorious history of Camay's brand equity.

Nirma chairman and managing director Karsanbhai Patel says: “PGHP chose Nirma owing to our inherent core competencies. Nirma has always been a forward-looking company and with the introduction of Camay we have proven our unflinching commitment to our loyal consumers once again. Nirma is now truly ready to set a new paradigm for the 21st century India.“