Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals
India gets first Iranian oil parcel for strategic reserves
13 October 2016
MRPL to enter fuel retailing with 100 `HiQ’ outlets
10 August 2015
MRPL to hike stake in ONGC Mangalore from 3% to 46%
10 February 2015
MRPL on way to emerge a 21 MTPA refinery by 2030
30 March 2013
Import of crude down on US, EU sanctions on Iran: MRPL
28 July 2012
Karnataka provides special incentives for MRPL’s Phase III expansion
06 June 2012
Mangalore Refinery to raise Rs10,000 crore for expansion
17 December 2009
MRPL receives first batch of Cairn’s Rajasthan crude
10 October 2009
MRPL phase III expansion cost up 50 per cent; project to be delayed by 15 months
12 December 2008
Mangalore Refineries to sell diesel to Iran as Reliance halts supplies
09 May 2008
Mangalore Refinery, Shell enter into joint venture in aviation fuelling business
06 February 2008
MRPL, Shell Aviation JV to sell aviation fuel at Indian airports
22 January 2008
Mitsubishi, Mitsui eye stakes in Mangalore Refinery''s aromatic unit
26 September 2007
India to source more oil and gas from Russia
02 December 2006
Mangalore Refinery to raise capacity to 15 million tones by 2010
02 December 2006
First oil consignment from Sakhalin-I arrives at Mangalore
30 November 2006
MRPL to invest Rs12,800 crore in refinery upgrade
15 February 2006
ONGC to commission first retail outlet in Mangalore
24 January 2005
ONGC to finalise power, petro plans; acquires control of MRPL
28 May 2004
HPCL to buy stake after MRPL debt rejig
11 June 2002
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