Moser Baer India
Moser Baer bags contracts for govt-run roof-top solar programmes in 3 states
18 November 2014
Moser Baer launches the first domestically manufactured information- security token with 80 KB memory
31 July 2014
Moser Baer Solar’s lead-free PV modules get Intertek’s `Green Leaf’ mark
24 November 2011
Moser Baer sets up Asia’s largest solar farm in Gujarat
12 October 2011
AP government cancels Moser Baer project
29 April 2011
Moser Baer Solar powers 465 KW rooftop installation in Japan
15 February 2011
Moser Baer Clean Energy to buy 25 MWp modules from First Solar
14 February 2011
Moser Baer Technologies, Universal Display Corp tie up for energy-efficient lighting system
07 February 2011
Moser Baer PV emerges first Indian company to install 100 MW solar capacity globally
08 December 2010
Moser Baer launches new LCD television, Ice
01 November 2010
Moser Baer and IIT Kanpur to undertake R&D in clean energy technologies
12 October 2010
Moser Baer launches movie-loaded USB drives
13 September 2010
Moser Baer launches world's slimmest USB flash drive
25 August 2010
Blackstone Group invests Rs1,350 crore in Moser Baer's energy business
18 August 2010
Moser Baer launches `Knight' USB flash drives
23 July 2010
Omax Auto installs 200 kWp rooftop solar power system at Manesar, Dharuhera plants
20 May 2010
Moser Baer Photo Voltaic to enter solar panel market in Australia
14 April 2010
Moser Baer PV Technologies achieves highest thin-film wattage
09 March 2010
Moser Baer Photo Voltaic awarded 5 Star rating by TÜV Rheinland
05 March 2010
Moser Baer launches content loaded Micro SD cards
18 January 2010
Moser Baer India to raise $100 million from QIBs
12 January 2010
Moser Baer to invest $5 billion in manufacturing facilities over ten years
10 November 2009
Moser Baer, Philips bury patents dispute
22 July 2009
Moser Baer launches 8 new LCD TVs, aims to sell 20000 units
24 June 2009
Toshiba sues Moser Baer, 7 other firms for DVD patent violation
19 May 2009
Moser Baer sells 6.5 per cent in photo-voltaic unit to equity firms
04 September 2008
Moser Baer Photo Voltaic in sourcing tie-up with China's LDK Solar
03 April 2008
Moser Baer unit plans $150 million IPO listing on Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley
20 March 2008
Moser Baer to invest $1.5 billion in 600 MW thin film photovoltaic capacity
11 February 2008
Moser Baer to invest in Rs100-crore solar farm in Rajasthan
30 November 2007
Moser Baer to raise Rs400 crore private equity to fund its photovoltaic unit to raise capacity to 500 MW
19 October 2007
Moser Baer expands product range to IT peripherals, ties up with F1 for after sales service
20 September 2007
Moser Baer to set up Rs2,000-crore photovoltaic fabrication facility in TN
17 September 2007
Moser Baer India launches optical disk drives; aims to capture 20-per cent market
11 September 2007
Moser Baer launches high-speed BD-R discs at Berlin show
04 September 2007
Moser Baer Photo Voltaic in $880 million sourcing deal with Norway''s REC Group
27 July 2007
Moser Baer to raise $150 million via GDR, foreign currency bonds
15 June 2007
Moser Baer Photovoltaic to double capacity as orders swell
07 June 2007
Moser Baer develops high speed Blu-ray disc
23 May 2007
IFC to invest Rs91 crore in Moser Baer Photo Voltaic
09 May 2007
Moser Baer to raise up to $150 million via equity/debt issue
02 May 2007
Moser Baer launches its Hindi home video titles nationally
30 March 2007
Moser Baer to set up the world's largest thin-film solar fab
05 March 2007
Moser Baer photovoltaic cell unit starts trial run
02 March 2007
Moser Baer acquires Philips' optical technology and R&D subsidiary OM&T BV
06 February 2007
Moser Baer enters Chennai Home Video market with 101 Tamil Titles
11 January 2007
Moser Baer to enter home entertainment market
21 December 2006
Stion acquisition aimed at driving technology development : Moser Baer CFO
16 November 2006
Moser Baer acquires stake in US nanotechnology firm Stion Corporation
16 November 2006
New Moser Baer CD-Rs ensure data protection for 200 years
10 November 2006
Moser Baer's in-house R&D gets S&T ministry's approval
03 November 2006
Moser Baer acquires US-based photovoltaic technology firm
11 October 2006
Moser Baer's patented technology approved by the Blu-ray Disc Association
03 October 2006
Moser Baer Photo Voltaic invests in Solaria
25 September 2006
Moser Baer to invest Rs80 crore in photo voltaic technology
29 August 2006
Moser Baer setting up of subsidiary in Cyprus
27 July 2006
Moser Baer India launches HD DVD
25 July 2006
Moser Baer sponsors DVD+RW Alliance event
16 December 2005
Moser Baer gets Frost and Sullivan award
15 December 2004
Moser Baer net up 65 per cent in Q3
28 January 2004
Moser Baer poised to gain from hardware-outsourcing wave
26 September 2003
Moser Baer hires new auditors
06 August 2003
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