MTS storms the market with new-generation water heaters

New Delhi: Merloni TermoSanitari, a world leader in water heating and space heating technology, is now ready to heat up the market this monsoon, with its innovative product offerings.

The company has introduced the New Eterno Pro, the first truly digitally programmable water heater for the Indian market. Designed specifically to meet the Indian conditions, this new-generation water heater offers the latest in water-heating technology. This innovative hi-performance water heater offers excellent features that score in terms of convenience, safety, energy saving and aesthetics.

Now, with Eterno Pro, users can have the convenience of availing hot water without continuous personal attention. Once programmed the water heater switches on automatically at the set time and automatically switches off at the desired time. It also has a real time standard digital clock display and a 3.6 V Ni-MH rechargeable battery that prevents the loss of programme in case of power failure.

Additionally, users also have the option of overriding the programmed settings with the help of the special programme override function. Ranking high on looks this sleek range of water heaters has a high-tech LCD display with fluorescent green backlight, flushed within the product. Moreover, the Racold Eterno Pro offers energy savings over 50 per cent compared to ISI standards.

Also being launched is the new Racold Altro Plus, an electric storage water heater, with an unique analogue temperature indicator, which provides the convenience of verifying the water temperature without touching the water.

The Racold Eterno Pro and Racold Altro Plus offer safety features like the four-in-one Italian multifunctional safety valve for non-return, anti-vacuum, pressure release and drain function while its Italian thermostat and cut-out provides enhanced safety.