Majestic Auto tests cyclomoto

Chennai: Even as it is in the midst of launching new models and relaunching the existing ones, Majestic Auto Limited is pursuing its goal of creating a new segment viz. the motorised cycle.

The company, more commonly known as Hero Motors, is field testing its motorised cycles, which will be known as Cyclomoto.

According to Sanjay Bharadwaj, senior vice president (Sales and Marketing), ten units of motorised cycles have been sent to dealers in different parts of the country for testing. "The project is very much on. We will look at commercialisation after the test reports."

The company has changed its original strategy and now instead of targeting all the cycle makers it will cover cycles of only its group company, Hero Cycles.

Meanwhile Majestic Auto is graduating towards becoming a full fledged scooter company with plans to launch a slew of new models. On the anvil are a moto scooter with the Italian company Aprilia’s assistance. The model will be in two variants. While the Hero Aprilia Sonic will be available at a price range of Rs.26,000 and Rs.31,000, two other variants also to be launched are the Hero Aprilia SR 125, a four stroke liquid cooled engine and the Hero Aprilia Twister, a family vehicle.

"Hero Aprilia Sonic is targeted at females in the age band 18-21 and the launch is slated next January. The base model will have a 75 cc engine while the other variant will have a 92 cc engine. Hero Aprilia SR 125 targeting 18-21 males and will be launched in April 2005. On the other hand Hero Aprilia Twister will be for 30 plus male with a family," says Bharadwaj.