Mahindra launches Logan with 'driver information system' at Rs5.08 lakh

Mahindra Renault Pvt. Ltd  has launched the 'New Collection Logan', an all new line-up of its Logan. The New Collection retains the core strengths of the Logan while incorporating newer features, which when fully loaded costs Rs5.08 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) and replaces the existing Logan range in showrooms throughout the country.

The top end GLSx and DLSx variants incorporate anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) for a safer ride. The variants also feature enhanced interiors, adding an extra touch of exclusivity and refinement.

A wooden centre console and end rack is complemented by velvet seat covers and side door trims which add a premium feel. The all beige dashboard merges with the car's new interiors further enhancing its appeal while rear head rests ensure a comfortable journey for passengers at the back. 

The mid-level GLX and DLX variants feature new, luxurious interiors, significantly enhancing the car's strong value for money proposition. A stylish silver centre console and air vents - previously only found in top-end variants - perfectly complement the beige and carbon fonce twin coloured dashboard. Diamond tweed seat covers and a new carpet add a plush feel to the interiors.

The mid-level variants also incorporate a sophisticated driver information system earlier available only in the top-end versions of the Logan. The system provides the driver with detailed information including average speed, mileage, fuel consumption and distance the car can travel with existing level of fuel. A special 'tripmeter' also gives the driver an idea of the distance he has travelled since the car's last refuelling.

To coincide with the launch of the 'New Collection Logan', Mahindra Renault also announced 'Chaabi mein Gaadi', a unique contest which gives eight lakh prospective customers across the country the opportunity to win a Logan from the New Collection.