LGEIL broadens LCD monitor portfolio with its new range of monitors

Mumbai: LG Electronics India has announced the launch of its new range of LCD monitors.

Available in 19“ wide sizes, these monitors offer high contrast ratio and superior resolution. These LCD TV monitors offer perfect solution for both business and entertainment as the monitors can be modified into a ready to watch television monitor.

LG LCD monitors offer high digital fine contrast ratio of 5000:1 (DFC) and ultra fast response time of 5 milliseconds (ms) backed with LG's unique f-engine, an embedded picture correction technology.

These monitors offer rich multimedia experience in pictures, movies, games, engineering design drawings etc.

LG LCD TV monitors come with integrated PAL tuner for TV viewing, and can double up as a Desktop TV, without connecting to a computer. When connected to a PC, the consumer can use it for computing applications as a standard LCD Monitor.

According to R Manikandan, business group head for IT Products, “The current trend in the LCD monitor industry is facing a burgeoning market and bright business perspectives for India. An LG LCD monitor offers great value, making it possible for consumers and professionals to extend their desktop LCD investment for gaming, video and simplified viewing of multiple documents simultaneously. With full commitment in designing products that offer a user-friendly experience, LG had anticipated the growing need for widescreen and TV Ready monitors.“