Kodak to mint own crypto-currency, the KodakCoin
10 January 2018
Kodak revives photo film with new Super 8 camera
06 January 2016
Kodak seeks buyer for its Eastman Business Park
26 March 2014
Eastman Kodak emerges from bankruptcy
04 September 2013
Kodak to sell two imaging units to UK pension plan for $650 mn
30 April 2013
Kodak to sell document imaging assets to Brother for $210 mn
16 April 2013
Shutterfly sues Kodak over photo app
25 March 2013
Kodak sells imaging patents for $525 mn
20 December 2012
Apple, Google team up to buy Kodak patents for over $500 mn: report
10 December 2012
Kodak receives $500 million plus offer for some patents: report
07 December 2012
Kodak to wind down consumer inkjet printer business
29 September 2012
Kodak may not divest patents; seeks royalties through new licensing company
15 September 2012
Kodak to sell document imaging businesses, focus on commercial printing
24 August 2012
Kodak wins two patents dispute against Apple
02 August 2012
Kodak loses patent case against Apple and RIM
22 May 2012
Eastman Kodak seeks permission for bonus payouts to 300 executives
07 April 2012
Kodak to exit digital cameras; focus on printers
10 February 2012
Photographic film pioneer Eastman Kodak files for bankruptcy protection
19 January 2012
Kodak seeks to raise cash through patents sale
13 January 2012
Kodak sues Apple, HTC over patent infringement
11 January 2012
Eastman Kodak prepares for bankruptcy: report
05 January 2012
Eastman Kodak to license patented laser-projection technology to Imax
17 October 2011
Kodak in patent infringement row with web photo publisher Shutterfly
22 December 2010
Kodak EasyShare M580 digital camera earns PTPA approval
30 August 2010
Take under-water photos with Kodak’s new PlaySport video camera
09 July 2010
Kodak files patent infringement suits against Apple, RIM
15 January 2010
Kodak, MGM Mirage, Lear feature in Moody’s list of likely defaulters
12 March 2009
Kodak stumbles to $137 million Q4 loss; to fire 4,500 workers
29 January 2009
Spansion, Kodak sue mobile phone makers Samsung and LG for patent violations
19 November 2008
Kodak, Nokia in in patent cross-license agreement
23 October 2008
Kodak introduces the Kodak Easyshare P520 to its P-series Digital Frame portfolio
22 August 2008
Kodak in $1-billion buyback; shares soar
25 June 2008
Motorola to launch Motozine ZN5 camera phone with 5-megapixel Kodak lens
24 June 2008
Kodak introduces imaging technology for mobile handsets
24 June 2008
Kodak launches spectacle lenses
19 October 2007
Kodak Names Kevin Hobert as President of Health Group
18 February 2005
Kodak equipment enables remote consultation for Olympic athletes
19 August 2004
Kodak Showcases Latest Medical Imaging Technology
14 January 2004
Kodak buys CAD technology
24 September 2003
Kodak launches initiative for medical imaging community
04 September 2003
Customers to gain from Kodak medical imaging innovations
20 August 2003
Siemens to sell latest medical imaging products from Kodak
07 August 2003
Kodak installs eco-friendly Dryview laser radiology imagers
02 August 2003
Kodak to buy PracticeWorks, French unit Trophy Radiologie
24 July 2003
Open offer to acquire 25% in Kodak India
29 July 2002
Its champagne time at Kodak
05 April 2001
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